Women Who Frisbee is a website dedicated to promoting women in Ultimate. As Ultimate is gaining popularity, it has begun to spread to the younger generations. Not only does the sport receive little recognition, but Ultimate is also male-dominated with little publicity for female role models. We want to highlight these powerful women to provide some role models for young girls to look up to. This website is full of resources to inspire, encourage, and inform the future Ultimate star.

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How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Don’t know how to play ultimate frisbee? Click the following link for a beginner’s guide on playing the sport or read below:

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Basic Overview:

There are seven players per team on the field at once. The players throw the disc to each other to move the disc down the field to score in the opposite end zone. There are 2 general positions for players: handlers, who are the main throwers, and then cutters, who run and catch the disc.

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Female Empowerment

We need more women in Ultimate and you can be the solution! The female population in the Frisbee community is definitely growing, but every additional person makes a difference. Currently the number of men’s or open teams far outnumber the women’s teams spanning from middle school teams all the way up to college and club. There are two professional men’s leagues, the AUDL and MLU, but there are zero professional women’s leagues. Even on a mixed team, there are usually more men than women and they often play with a 4 men to 3 women ratio. There are so many talented women in the community and they deserve to be recognized. The more women who join the community, the greater influence we will have to increase recognition of these amazing women, increase opportunities for women and improve gender equity.

Many of these notable women have used their voice to raise awareness about women in Ultimate. If you take advantage of the resources provided on this website, you will discover that many of these women are just like you. Many came from other sports or no sports background whatsoever. Anyone can join the Ultimate community. Each person plays a role in helping empower women in the Ultimate community. The more women who join, the more recognition women will receive and the more role models we can publicize to encourage even more girls to play. Grab your friend and check out our resources page to learn how you can start playing Ultimate today!